What Cleaning Disinfection and Fast Jets Have in Common

The Royal Air Force (RAF) Aerobatic Team, aka, the “Red Arrows”, is a group of nine fast-jet pilots combining speed, precision and performance such as climbing to a mile high at 420 mph before splitting simultaneously in a fanlike formation.

In business, as in the RAF, speed, precision, and performance are essential to success.

A cleaning business, whether residential or institutional, is wise to select products and processes offering Red-Arrow-like performance. The Advanced Vapor Technologies’ VaporJet® TANCS® Saturated Steam Vapor (SSV) system is such a product.


The VaporJet, like the TANCS-equipped MondoVap® and Ladybug®, kills virtually all pathogens of concern within 2-7 seconds, per independent and peer-reviewed tests.

How fast is this compared to legacy methods?

It’s like comparing a Fighter Jet to a Model T. While the 1908 Ford Model T reached a top speed of 45 mph, John Chesire, former fighter pilot said: “Depending upon the aircraft, [modern tactical jets are] sometimes even faster than a speeding bullet.”

The data shows SSV does in 2-7 seconds what takes chemical disinfectants 2-10 minutes (120-600 seconds) to do, and without exposure to chemicals.

That is 6,000%-8,600% faster.



Precision is “the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate” (Oxford Dictionary).

Just as modern fast jets perform precise maneuvers, and are capable of surgical strikes, disinfection using chemical-free SSV is precise, targeted and lethal to pathogens without harming people.

Also, while purveyors of chemical disinfectants speak about killing 99.9% of germs in the bold print, they are imprecise in their marketing regarding:

  • Which germs are killed and which are not
  • How many germs remain, and whether that still constitutes an infectious dose
  • How difficult it is to achieve stated results, depending on contact times, pre- cleaning, proper dilution, etc. 

TANCS®VaporJet/TANCS marketing is precise, thorough, and simple. See the research at www.advap.com/reports for full disclosure of testing methods, surfaces, contact times, pre- and post-treatment microbe levels, etc. 

Performance: Tooling, Training and Practice 

The Red Arrows team members fly British Hawk Jets, a
tool praised by pilots for agility, maneuverability, and
handling, and by the RAF for reduced fuel consumption, operating costs, and reliability. 

The VaporJet and other TANCS models provide agile, versatile performance on washable hard surfaces in health care, foodservice, 
hospitality, schools, labs, veterinary clinics, and in other sectors, plus sanitize privacy curtains, upholstery, and textiles.

VaporJetTANCS units consume only 1.5 quarts of water per hour, and lower operating costs through fast deep cleaning and disinfection without buying chemicals. TANCS models also prevent scale buildup and have an 8-year warranty on the boiler.

As pilots train to fly remarkable aircraft, SSV “pilots” train to optimize the performance of TANCS VaporJet and related models. Trained VaporJet operators deliver extraordinary ROI. Using only potable tap water, benefits include:

  • fast, complete disinfection
  • destruction of biofilms
  • zero residue
  • zero pollution
  • zero chemicals
  • zero cross contamination as the applicator is disinfected by the high- 
temperature steam vapor • priceless wellness gains for workers and building occupants.

Isn’t it time you gained the tactical advantage of using proven, agile, jet-fast, AVT TANCS technology?