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Dr. Charles Gerba Presentation @ ISSA-ARCSI, 2017 . Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) was pleased to sponsor Dr. Chuck Gerba as he presented “Hygiene in the 21st Century” on Tuesday 9/12/17 @ the Las Vegas Convention Center during ARCSI’s event at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2017 North America Trade Show and ISSA Convention, September 11-14, in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Dr. Gerba’s session covered:

  • The Role of Fomites in Disease
  • Cleaning vs. Hygiene
  • How Cleaning Can Be Hazardous to Health
  • Uses and Limitations of Chemical Disinfectants
  • Peer-Reviewed Research on Dry Steam Vapor Cleaning & Disinfection (see slides 30-39)

Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized environmental microbiologist and Professor of Environmental Microbiology in the Departments of Microbiology and Immunology, and Soil, Water and Environmental Science, at the University of Arizona. His credentials include a B.A. in Microbiology, Arizona State University, 1969, and a Ph.D. in Microbiology, University of Miami, Florida, 1973. He is also a member of the American Academy of Microbiology.

TANCS® Steam Vapor granted U.S. Patent, PRWeb The technology behind TANCS, the hard-surface steam vapor disinfection system pioneered by Edmonds, WA-based Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT), was granted U.S. Patent No. 7,547,413 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (2009).


Steam Cleaners Wipe Out MRSA With a Level of Performance Chemical Disinfectants May Never Achieve, Infection Control Today

Steam cleaners equipped with Ladybug’s proprietary patented Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation technology, called TANCS®, qualify as disinfection devices per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Using a simplified water-only protocol, TANCS-equipped steam cleaners are suitable for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing many surfaces in healthcare settings such as hospitals, physician and dental offices, animal and outpatient clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, and ambulances.

Advanced Vapor Technologies Announces Results of TANCS® Steam Vapor Cleaning for Protecting Pets from Canine Parvovirus Disease, PRWeb

Tests show that steam vapor cleaning using TANCS sanitizes surfaces at a higher effective level than traditional cleaning and is a proven method for killing microbes. In tests done by Microbiotest and Nelson Laboratories for Advanced Vapor Technologies, a 7-second application of TANCS resulted in a 5-7 log reduction of a number of organisms, including Canine parvovirus.


Washington Food Coalition, Best Practices, Setting Higher Standards for Operation Sack Lunch, Seattle (page 5)

The Operation Sack Lunch (OSL) kitchen uses environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and the Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS®) steamer system for sanitizing the kitchen.

Advanced Vapor Technologies Releases Guide to EPA-Regulated Disinfecting Devices, CleanLink

“Our purpose in releasing this one-page guide is to help clear up the confusion about the difference between EPA Registration of chemical disinfectants or pesticides and EPA Regulated disinfecting devices bearing an EPA Establishment Number on the label,” said Rick Hoverson, principal of Advanced Vapor Technologies. “Our intent is to show that non-chemical devices that kill germs effectively without the use of toxic chemistries are regulated by EPA, and especially, that credible makers of these devices have solid scientific data to support germ-kill claims.”

book cover

Issues in Infectious and Vector-Borne Diseases, Book, 2013 Edition, page 132

Research says: “Our data suggest that the TANCS-equipped steam vapor disinfection is an emerging and potentially useful technology for disinfecting biofilms on environmental surfaces.”

The Economics of Clean, Green—The Loden Hotel Experience with TANCS® Steam Vapor, Green Lodging News

“Loden” may refer to green, high quality, sheep’s wool clothing that originated in the Austrian Alps in the 16th century, or to the Vancouver, B.C.-based Loden hotel that metaphorically lives up to the “Loden” name. The 15-story luxury hotel features fine wool carpet in its 77 upscale rooms and suites—plus corridors. To help ensure a green, healthy environment for guests and their pets, a MondoVap with TANCS dry steam vapor sanitation system is used daily. The reduced-chemical, low-moisture cleaning system, which ensures “in-sourced” carpet and drapery cleaning, results in rapid room turns, lowers operating costs while providing superior results, and optimizes the guest experience.


The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) recognizes Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) as a Research Champion, PR Newswire

The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) recognized Advanced Vapor Technologies as a Research Champion, as part of HFI's mission to promote best practices leading to healthier facilities.

How to Clean and Maintain Vivariums for Optimum Hygiene, ALN Magazine

The ultimate goal is to help ensure vivarium areas are cleaned and disinfected using less-toxic, proven, hygienic methods that do not contaminate the space or spread germs around.


Germs on Campus: And What to Do About Them, School Planning & Management

Germs are not the enemy. They are essential to our survival. We host billions of bacteria inside and outside our bodies (e.g., in the gut and on the skin) that help to keep us healthy. In addition, microbes consume organic matter; without them, Earth would be buried in biowaste, and life as we know it would cease … Still, wherever possible, we should reduce, remove or destroy harmful germs or pathogens before they pose a health threat or reach an “infectious dose” level.


Keeping Restrooms Clean With TANCS® Dry Steam Sanitation, CMM

At the University of Washington, swab tests revealed that the use of steam vapor cleaning resulted in a higher level of sanitation as compared with traditional cleaning methods.

Advanced Vapor Technologies (AVT) and Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) Offer Buyers Guide to Steam Vapor Cleaning and Disinfecting Devices, Marketwired Release

"The guide provides clarity on industry-leading features to look for, plus outlines qualitative and quantitative differences between processes mistakenly called 'steam cleaning' . and low moisture, low pressure, high temperature, dry steam vapor applications," said Rick Hoverson, principal of Advanced Vapor Technologies.