Limitless Germ Kill without Chemicals

The limits and liabilities of chemical disinfectants are well- known, while techniques that do not suffer these limitations are not. Given the crowded market of chemical disinfectants vying for the consumers’ attention and dollar, we often see or hear bold product claims.

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Is Targeting of Germs Hit or Miss?

In archery, hitting a bullseye is a matter of training, using the right bow, arrow, arrowhead or projectile point, string tension and strength; plus adjusting for wind and aiming at the correct target.

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Biofilm Related Risks

Biofilms can virtually colonize any indwelling devices (catheters, artificial joints, contact lenses) and different tissues (oral soft tissues, teeth, middle ear, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract, airway/lung tissue, etc.).

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Calling It Quits On Quats

Quits on quats

Could something used everywhere for years be harmful? In the case of quats (short for quaternary ammonium compounds), the answer is yes.

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