Film-Free Germ-Free Cleaning in Seconds Plus Biofilm Control

Film is an enemy of clean. It discolors surfaces and builds up.

All conventional cleaning chemicals leave a film on surfaces unless rinsed. ALL of them. This film consists of wetting agents, dispersants, detergents, emulsifiers, fragrances, dyes, and foaming agents (Ref 1).

Disinfectants add chemicals that dry on the surface, leaving an intentional film for “residual kill”.

In a huge irony, common cleaning and disinfecting products are actually dirtying your surfaces.

Ladybug® 2200T

There is a solution: TANCS® Saturated Steam Vapor (SSV) machines use only tap water and apply chemical-free, film-free, hot, low-moisture (6%) steam to surfaces using insulated tools. TANCS adds zero “cleaning” chemicals to the surface, and therefore leaves nothing behind. It removes grease, oils and soils, and kills virtually ALL pathogens within seconds of contact on both smooth and porous materials (Ref 2).

TANCS prevents and removes yet another, more dangerous film: biofilm.


Biofilm and What to Do About It


Per University of Michigan School of Public Health scientist, Chuanwu “Wu” Xi, PhD: “Biofilm is an accumulation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, and/or protozoa, with associated bacteriophages and other viruses) embedded in an extracellular matrix.”

“Environmental surfaces in health care, educational, residential, and food service settings are often contaminated by microorganisms, and biofilms can develop on the surfaces in these settings. Consequently contaminated surfaces are linked to disease transmission.”

“It is difficult to eradicate biofilms,” he notes. And while pathogens within biofilm are 1000 times more resistant to antimicrobials than exposed microbes, Dr. Xi concludes: “Our tests showed that steam generated from TANCS equipped steam vapor technology can rapidly kill each biofilm tested (>99.95 % killing efficiency) with a 3 second treatment (Ref 3).”

More Problems, More Solutions

Residues from chemicals cause yet another problem, resoiling. Since cleaning chemicals bond with and attract soil, “cleaning” residue is a magnet for soil. Film- free TANCS SSV prevents the dirt magnet, and surfaces stay cleaner longer.

With the sustainability push, biodegradable detergent formulas are the norm. Yet, in another irony, biodegradable residues on surfaces actually provide food for germs, and a matrix for biofilm formation (Ref 4).

TANCS solves this problem by providing residue-free results every time.

So stop enclosing your world with film.

If you’re looking for clear, film-free, and germ-free results in seconds, look no further than Advanced Vapor Technologies MondoVap® TANCS- equipped system.

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