Learning from Ants When Cleaning and Disinfecting

Learning from Ants When Cleaning and Disinfecting – How Small Things Can Make a Big Difference

The secret of this tiny powerhouse relates to body mechanics, and how it interacts with surfaces. An ant’s neck joint combines leverage with elasticity and can withstand a load 5,000x its weight. It also has sticky pads on its feet that grip the surface in proportion to the weight hefted.

Ants are fast too, equal to a human running 52 miles per hour.

Likewise, TANCS® saturated steam vapor (SSV) makes a small amount of water (about 1.5 quarts per hr.) hundreds to thousands of times more powerful. The VaporJet®, MondoVap® and Ladybug® SSV machines convert potable water to hot transparent vapor in a stainless steel boiler, increasing its volume by 1700 times, and raising cleaning and disinfecting leverage enormously.

Like the ant’s feet, surface contact is equally vital to TANCS’ great power.

Saturated steam vapor applied by trapping steam at the surface, kills almost all pathogens within 2-7 seconds of exposure − like a speedy ant − and removes most organic soils detected by an ATP meter.

Safe, insulated tools deliver the invisible hot steam vapor to the surface at a temperature of 190-220 degrees F. Heat delivered by invisible saturated steam does the heavy lifting or disinfecting, kills germs in the applicator, and trapping steam at the surface creates rapid transference of soil to the applicator.

So, the next time someone wonders how such a compact machine can make such big claims, remember the lowly ant, and that small, powerful things can make a big difference: 800-997-6584.