Why Steam Vapor?

The benefits of steam vapor are revealed through AVT’s commercial and industrial machines where they unleash the power of dry steam for cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing. Dry steam cleaning is tomorrow's eco-friendly technology that cleans even the most stubborn, greasy dirt from places that are difficult to reach. Walls, floors, even small holes, crevices, and grooves are cleaned without using chemicals.

  • Save up to 30% labor costs
  • Save 80% on cleaning chemicals
  • Save 90% disinfectant costs

Benefits of AVT's Steam Vapor® Technology:

  • ECONOMICAL: It works quickly, reducing down time required for cleaning and the related labor costs.
  • EFFECTIVE: It is a less operator dependent process, since manual scrubbing is not usually required. Regardless of the operator, surfaces are cleaned, dried and sanitized.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: It eliminates the need for solvents and other toxic cleaning substances.

How it works:

The power of AVT steam vapor technology cleans with 20-140 psi pressure and is one of the most effective ways to maintain certification standards. Only high temperature saturated steam can clean and sanitize the full surface, including the lowest points.

  1. Heat melts the bond between the dirt and the surface
  2. The moisture holds the dirt in suspension until it can be wiped away or vacuumed with the optional vacuum cleaner*
  3. Treated surfaces dry almost instantly

* industrial units only

Food Industry

Ovens, Burners, Stoves, Hoods, Vents, Ceilings
Dissolves grease in no time

Conveyor Belts, Machinery, Vats
Plastic, Teflon or smooth steel belts are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized

Refrigerators, Freezers
Defrost and clean walk-in freezers quickly without shutting them down

Food Service Areas
Chemical free cleaning and disinfection

Engineering Industry

Machine Tools
Clean limit switches, sensors and moving parts.Remove micro particles from press tools

Reconditioning Machinery
Clean in areas that cannot be reached by brushes or cloth (oil grooves). Clean assemblies without dismantling parts

Car Parts During Repairs/Servicing
No need for preliminary washing before repairs on the undercarriage. Long lasting shine even after rains

Electrical and Electrical Systems

No more worries about the harmful use of chemicals for cleaning

Weapons and Aircraft Cleaning
Clean machine guns and small bore weapons, bomb rack barrels and feet, harness and chassis hardware without dismantling

Environmental Sector

Bathrooms and Restrooms
Clean tile and grout better than other methods. Deodorize and sanitize bathrooms and toilets

Floors, Carpets and Facades
Removes hard stains easily

Furniture and Upholstery
Clean and sanitize mattresses
Remove stains from curtains without dismantling 

Certification Standards:
UNI/EN/ISO-14000, ISO 9000, BS 8800, R.C. EMAS and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and to implement Total Quality Management (TQM) in the food industry.
VaporJet® Commercial Units are certified to conform to European Community Directive 73/23/EEC – EN 60335 for low voltage, 89/336EEC for Electromagnetic Compatibility and European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23EC
TANCS® technology qualifies the system as a disinfection device for the US EPA/FDA. Commercial systems are ETL listed (USA and Canada)