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Ladybug Systems

Whatever your specific cleaning needs, we offer a number of Ladybug Systems that will get the job done right, and work within your budget too. We also offer add-on accessories so you can customize your system to your specific needs. 

We invite you to visit an authorized Advanced Vapor Technologies dealer who can help you choose the package that’s best for you. To find the dealer nearest you, please contact us

Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350

The ultimate steam vapor system

Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350 — The Tekno is perfect for all types of spaces, including many types of business applications. The larger cold water reservoir and the availability of the trolley make this system perfect for a variety of jobs. Only available with TANCS®. Trolley is Optional. MSRP $2155

Ladybug® TEKNO® 2350 with trolley

Ladybug® 2300T

Ladybug® 2300T — With a larger and hotter-temperature boiler to sustain higher pressure and temperature over longer periods of use, this unit is excellent for large homes over 2500 square feet. Available with or without TANCS®. MSRP $1706 without TANCS®. $1969 with TANCS®



Ladybug® 2200ST

Ladybug® 2200ST — Our standard residential unit features a compact footprint that makes the unit easy to carry up and down stairs and convenient to store. The steam pressure gauge helps you get the most out of your system. Available with or without TANCS®.  MSRP $1417 without TANCS®. $1679 with TANCS® 


Ladybug® 2150

Ladybug® 2150 — Our compact residential system is most effective in smaller homes up to 1200 square feet. MSRP $1150. TANCS® not available.

Ladybug® Continuous Fill

With the Ladybug®’s efficient no-wait water refill feature, you don’t have to wait for the boiler to reheat after it runs out of water. Unlike other steam vapor systems, the boiler retains steam and power even when the reservoir runs low, so as soon as water is added back to the reservoir, it’s ready to use immediately.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of continuous-fill!

Advanced Vapor's Residential Total Customer Care Program

We want to make sure you get the most effective and efficient use from our outstanding products. For residential end-users, every one of our steam vapor systems includes a toll-free consumer and technical support hotline, owner’s manual, instructional DVD, and user tip sheet. TANCS® equipped systems include an extended warranty.