Wash Your Hands – TANCS® Steam Your Surfaces

The Best Advice Not Taken: Wash Your Hands, TANCS® Steam Your Surfaces

Wash your hands. It’s the single most important hygiene method to prevent contagious illness, one widely and repeatedly proven to reduce the spread of pathogens to protect health (Ref 1).

Still, it’s almost universally neglected. Per Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr., Professor of Microbiology and Pathology at the New York University School of Medicine, and author of The Secret Life of Germs:

“When researchers put cameras in public rest rooms to track people’s behavior, the numbers of those who don’t wash their hands properly, or don’t wash them at all, is staggering, often over 90 percent…” leading him to conclude, “hand washing emerges as a public-health issue that is every bit as serious as smoking, if not more serious…”

As hand washing is the best advice not taken for personal cleanliness, the best advice not taken for cleaning your home or business is:

TANCS® Steam Your Surfaces.

VaporJetApplying hot, low-moisture, saturated steam vapor to surfaces is the single most publicly-available, studied, and proven technique to clean and disinfect surfaces without the use of chemicals. It’s been widely and repeatedly shown to deep clean and kill pathogens within seconds of contact time (Ref 2), and has no equal in performance based on:

  • Time savings to clean and eliminate germs (99.999% in seconds not minutes)
  • Public health impact (water-only, zero hazardous ingredients, enabling deepLadybug 2200S cleaning and rapid germ kill without harmful exposures)
  • Chemical costs (none)
  • Consumables (almost none-add water, plug it in)

Like handwashing, though, it’s almost universally neglected. Per Rick Hoverson, principal of tech leader, Advanced Vapor Technologies, maker of patented TANCS MondoVap® and Ladybug® Saturated Steam Vapor (SSV) machines:

“More than 99 percent of people are still not using chemical-free saturated steam to clean and disinfect surfaces quickly and without side effects; a staggering number considering that use of chemicals is as harmful as smoking” (Ref 3).

Isn’t it time you started taking the advice?

Wash your hands.

TANCS steam your surfaces.

Do it today.


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3. Using Cleaning Products as Bad as Smoking (20-year study conducted by the University of Bergen in Norway – 6,230 participants in 22 locations globally – found using cleaning products as injurious as smoking 20 cigarettes a day)