Ladybug® 2200 Steam Vapor System

Retired Model

  • 1. Why do I need a Ladybug steam vapor system?

  • 2. Does Ladybug use chemicals?

  • 3. So Ladybug is a disinfection device not a cleaning device?

  • 4. How do you use a Ladybug?

  • 5. Since I can’t see germs, how do I know my Ladybug is killing them?

  • 6. Is Ladybug regulated by the government?

  • 7. How long does it take a Ladybug to kill germs?

  • 8. Do natural agents such as vinegar disinfect?

  • 9. That’s great! Do I need anything besides what comes in the box?

  • 10. Is Ladybug used in business?