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What's So Great About
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It’s the technology inside that counts.

Dubious and nonscientific performance claims by some steam cleaner designers and manufacturers are unfortunately widespread.

If having been in business over 30 years wasn’t enough to sway you let’s talk about disinfection. Advap’s proprietary technology is known as Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS®) and is really the stuff that is the Advap difference. Our innovative tech is a factory-installed internal component designed to kill microscopic organic matter such as germs, bacteria, and viruses in mere seconds. In fact, in a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, researchers at the University of Michigan found that TANCS®-equipped steam vapor systems achieve a greater biofilm kill rate in 3 seconds than a 20-minute exposure to bleach. In another study, also published in the American Journal of Infection Control, researchers at the University of Arizona found that TANCS®-equipped steam vapor systems reduce total microbial and pathogen loads on hospital surfaces to below detection within only a few seconds of treatment.

Just as with anything that starts trending, Advap-inspired products with no scientific verification, lab testing, or peer review to back their claims started popping up over the web during the pandemic era. As explained on Cleaning Business Today, to fool you into thinking their products are something they are not, some websites quote selected paragraphs from published research on our tech, most notably the Arizona hospital study but also swab tests conducted at the University of Washington’s Odegaard Undergraduate Library, without telling you that the findings they cite are based on the use of a TANCS®-equipped device, not their device.

Before you consider buying these products, it’s important you understand what claims the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does and does not allow. Disinfection devices are subject to rigorous EPA testing, and an establishment is assigned a unique number only if their products pass. Advap’s number is “EPA Est. No. 8121-WA-01” and—by law—it must appear on each steam vapor system we offer for sale. Products without an EPA establishment number are, at best, sanitizer devices. Although sanitize and disinfect are often used interchangeably, there is a significant difference between the two.

Read the Arizona hospital study > 

Designed to perform and built to last

Continuous refill technology

Hard impact-resistant shell

TANCS® technology

Disinfect in 7 seconds or less

Our proprietary technology encourages nano crystals to form from dissolved minerals within tap water. This allows faster penetration of lethal moist heat, destroying the germs, viruses, and spores contaminating the surface you want to clean and disinfect.

Peer reviewed

We take pride in offering the highest level of validated evidence. Numerous peer-reviewed studies published in respected scientific journals have demonstrated the efficacy of steam vapor with TANCS® and our devices are regulated by the EPA (EPA Est. No. 82121-WA-01). 

Anti-scale technology

By lowering the zeta potential and changing the crystalline structure of the minerals in tap water, they're prevented from sticking to surfaces. No scale. No worries.

Lifetime boiler warranty