Ladybug® 2350 Steam Vapor System Training Video

Viewers of this highly informative yet classic video, featuring cleaning veteran Randy Zielsdorf and filmed in 2017 before Ladybug's signature red color was changed from glossy to matte to be more stylish, will learn how to create healthy homes and experience the power of steam vapor.

Though now retired and no longer available on a daily basis, Mr. Zielsdorf was formerly National Sales Manager at Advanced Vapor Technologies and has decades of experience in transitioning to non-toxic living, which you are sure to find useful and insightful. His vast knowledge of steam vapor can be seen in the many blog posts he authored on topics such as Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors, How to Steam Clean Carpet, How to Attach a Terry Towel, How to Clean and Disinfect Children’s Toys, and more.