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Dealer and Influencer Marketing Programs

Advap is seeking energetic dealers throughout the United States and Canada who will help educate individuals and businesses of all kinds that steam vapor systems equipped with Advap’s proprietary TANCS® technology clean and disinfect faster and better than chemicals.

A website to promote Advap and display our home and/or commercial product lines combined with knowledge of steam vapor and cleaning equipment is required to become a dealer. Specific dealership requirements will vary based on location but we generally require dealers to stock inventory. Dealers must meet criteria and maintain volume levels to maintain dealership status.

Advap helps our dealers create a shopping experience their customers want. If you are approved to become a dealer, we will work together to help you grow your business with a program that supports our brand.

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Advap also offers an influencer affiliate program managed through UpPromote, which makes it easy to access conversions and commissions, as well as reports. If you are a good fit, the Advap support team will set you up with an affiliate link so that you can start earning commissions!