A Clean Home Is Important
So Is A Healthy Home

Professional Steam Vapor Systems for the Home

It's 2024 — Say No To Toxic Household Cleaning Products

We learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that it’s important to clean commonly touched surfaces. If you want to do it faster and better than toxic chemicals that threaten the health of your family and the planet, Ladybug® delivers an unparalleled experience. With technology that's redefining the game, our steam vapor systems are engineered with one thing in mind—you. That’s why we’ve made sure cleaning and disinfecting most things is as easy as a simple pass over a surface. That’s it. No elbow grease is required. Superheated steam and TANCS® work together to seamlessly clean and disinfect with hospital-grade efficacy—all in one step. To teach you the ropes, every Ladybug® comes with unlimited complementary telephone support at no extra cost. Because easy-to-use means you’ll use it more often, getting the most out of your investment. 

Cleaning Business Today examines disinfection claims within the steam cleaning industry in a must-read report.

Ladybug® 2350

The ultimate steam vapor system
$2,399 | As low as $100/mo


Ladybug® 2300

Performance + more oomph
$2,199 | As low as $92/mo


Ladybug® 2200

Performance at an affordable price
$1,899 | As low as $106/mo


The difference when it's Ladybug®

Continuous fill comes standard with Ladybug home steam cleaners

Continuous, no-wait refill

Non-pressurized water reservoir allows water to be added at any time. No downtime. No safety concerns.

Ladybug household steam cleaners disinfect with TANCS technology

Anti-scale technology

Minerals are utilized by TANCS® instead of building up on internal components.

All Ladybug home steam cleaners are completely chemical-free

Safe for you and the planet

Ladybugs® are free from BPA and were changed in 2020 from glossy to matte to be more stylish and eco-friendlier.

Ladybug residential steam cleaning systems are built in Italy

Handbuilt in Italy

All our steam vapor systems are built by our award-winning team in Italy.

Answers to your home steam cleaner questions are just a call away

Exceptional service

Our Seattle-based specialists are available five days a week to answer all your questions.

Finance your Ladybug household steam cleaner at a low rate

Budget-friendly financing

With rates as low as 0% APR, it's never been easier to buy a Ladybug®.