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Proper chemical disinfection is a 3-step process. Surfaces first have to be cleaned, then the chemical has to be applied and left on—usually 10 minutes or more, which isn’t possible with vertical surfaces. Finally, the left over residue must be rinsed off so it doesn’t breed more bacteria. But there’s a better way! Our professional steam vapor cleaners are beautifully designed, incredibly powerful, and equipped with proprietary technology that lets you use ordinary tap water to clean and disinfect just about any surface while killing more germs in 3 seconds than even strong disinfectants like bleach can in 20 minutes. And they leave behind no residue. They’re the commercial cleaning system that does it all—in one step with no waiting time. 

MondoVap® 2400

Our most capable steam vapor system featuring tools designed for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in restaurants, hotels, and healthcare settings.

$3,599 | As low as $100/mo

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VaporJet® 2400

A steam vapor system ideal for detailing and disinfecting the interior and exterior of transportation vehicles, including buses, cars, airplanes, trains, boats, and ambulances.

$2,999 | As low as $84/mo

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