Safer. Faster.

Disinfect with water

Over the past twenty-five years, we've researched and developed a proprietary, non-destructive process that uses ordinary tap water to clean beyond what the eye can see.

What is TANCS®?

It’s cutting-edge technology

What makes TANCS® so great?

Lethal for germs yet safe for you

The benefits are clear

Dramatic, immediate results

Lengthy dwell times and confusing labels are a thing of the past. No mixing, storage, or disposal concerns.

Surfaces stay clean longer

What you clean stays clean longer because TANCS® leaves no biofilm that supports future microbial growth. 

Goodbye scale deposits

TANCS® lowers the zeta potential (electric charge) of minerals, preventing them from sticking to surfaces.

Peer reviewed

Demonstrated efficacy

Peer reviewed studies