Similarities and Differences between the Three Ladybug Vapor Steam Cleaners

Ladybug 2350 vs. Ladybug 2300 vs. Ladybug 2200


What are the differences between Ladybug 2200, Ladybug 2300, and Ladybug 2350 Vapor Steam Cleaners?

All three Ladybug steam vapor systems (often called “vapor steam cleaners”) feature a continuous fill operation—which means you can safely add water at any time without having to cool the system down. And all three Ladybugs qualify as disinfection devices for the EPA. But the three cleaning devices appeal to different customers.

Other manufacturers boast about the temperature and psi of their machines, making the focus on heat and pressure. At Advanced Vapor Technologies, we are more concerned with performance. Very little pressure is needed to operate a steam vapor system and heat alone, regardless of how hot, is not good enough in an evolving global pandemic.

That’s why at the heart of every Ladybug is our innovative Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation (TANCS®) technology that uses minerals—the minerals found in tap water—to destroy germs, bacteria, and viruses by focusing on the molecules that make them up. This technology is proprietary to Advanced Vapor Technologies and is not available in any other steam vapor system.

By using TANCS® at the microscopic level that you cannot see in concert with superheated steam at the macroscopic level that you can see, Ladybug steam vapor systems provide a level of performance 1000s of times greater than chemical disinfectants must meet to qualify as EPA registered. And we have the science to back it up.

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