Buying an open box steam vapor system rather than one that’s brand new can save you money. The systems pictured below and available online are not refurbished machines, but rather ones that may have been used in a photoshoot, or displayed in a showroom or at a trade show and have little to no signs of use. In fact, you often can’t tell them apart from brand new. All open box steam vapor systems are repackaged in a brand new box with all accessories and full warranty. Supply is limited and availability is guaranteed once we receive your payment.

      If you’re looking for even more savings, sometimes, but not often, refurbished machines are available. These machines go through rigorous tests that make sure they work like new. In fact, Advanced Vapor Technologies refurbished machines and new machines have identical lifespans. But refurbished machines are not sold online. So please call 1-800-997-6584. All pre-owned machines come with the same accessories, warranty, and packaging you’d get with a new machine. And it will be sent to you with free shipping.

      Coupons, discount codes, and complementary trial do not apply to open box or refurbished purchases.